Social marketing tools for the SMB

These days, promoting your small business without social marketing is like bowling without the bumpers on: your more traditional marketing and advertising efforts such as newspaper, television, radio, snail mail, etc. may knock some pins down, but you have a better chance of bowling a strike when you employ tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging and more.
The landscape of social media is forever changing and new avenues for promotion are created all the time. Small businesses face the daunting tasks of understanding what it is, how to make it work and in what capacity. The following are some useful articles we found that can help guide your social marketing endeavors:

How #Hashtags Can Work For You! – Vertical Response Marketing Blog – How to insert hashtags into your tweets to capture followers of certain tags, keywords and buzzwords.

30 Valuable Lessons Learned Using Social Media for Small Business – SMB owner Mark Hayward shares his experience after three years of using social marketing tools.

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips – Detailed article by Ross Kimbarovsky about social media marketing strategies.

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