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7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

By Jessica Swanson, Manta Marketing Expert Before you launch your next marketing campaign, whether online or offline, make sure to avoid some of the most common marketing mistakes. 1. Failure to write a powerful headline. Whether you’re writing a newspaper ad, email message or press release, you must create a powerful[…] Read More →

How a virtual office could support your business

Virtual offices are not just a popular choice for small business owners in the US. They are quickly becoming a trend over the globe, and especially in the UK. The following article was originally posted on Bytestart, a fast-growing site run by online business specialists that provides advice for start-ups and SMEs. —[…] Read More →

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

Virtual offices, or co-working spaces as they are sometimes referred to, are popping up all over the country. They are best suited for small businesses, start-ups or solo professionals who need a professional atmosphere to conduct business but do not need full-time space or do not care to commit to a long-term[…] Read More →

As a start-up business, where do you turn to for advice?

You are a start-up entrepreneur. You are motivated and hungry for success. You have an insatiable appetite for knowledge that will help you grow, but you don’t know where to turn for the answers. Experts, forums, blogs, articles, Q&As, business consultants, friends, fellow business owners and your own entrepreneurial instincts hurdle information at you at lightning speed[…] Read More →