1.  What is a virtual office and what does it include?

A virtual office is a combination of phone, address, and office services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.  A virtual office at Texas Business Centers include a professional Denton address, a Denton phone number that can also be used to receive faxes, and mail services.  Texas Business Center virtual tenants also get access to offices, a conference room, and training rooms.  These offices and rooms can be rented by the hour, day, week, or month to meet clients, employees, business partners, and more!  While in the office, virtual tenants have access to the lobby, break room, restrooms, and kitchen.

2.  What are the lease terms?

All leases at Texas Business Centers, including virtual and executive office leases, are on a month-to-month basis with an auto renewal option.  If at any time a tenant needs to relocate or discontinue services, 30-day notice is all that is required.  No long term lease – no worries!  If a tenant is interested in a long term lease for a larger space, Texas Business Centers can accommodate them.  OfficesInDenton.com has options for long term tenants in the Shady Oaks Office Complex where Texas Business Centers is located.

3.  What additional expenses are needed to office at Texas Business Centers?

The lease covers rent of the office space, use of the address with a personalized suite number, Denton local phone/fax number, lobby, break room, restrooms, kitchen and Wi-Fi. All bills paid! The only additional fees are for rental of an office, conference room or training room.

4.  What phone options does Texas Business Centers offer?

Texas Business Centers assigns each tenant a digital Denton phone number that forwards straight to the tenant’s cell phone, home phone, or office phone. The options with a digital phone number are numerous and can be tailored to meet individual tenant’s needs. The phone number can be set up to only take messages and deliver the voicemail messages straight to the tenant’s email inbox or the phone number can forward the call and if it is not answered then go to voicemail. Lots of choices to fit any need!

5.  How is mail handled at Texas Business Centers?

Mail comes to Texas Business Center’s USPS mailbox and is then sorted by a Texas Business Center employee into each tenant’s mailbox inside the office. Tenants are notified when mail comes in for them and they can stop by during normal business hours to pick it up. Virtual tenants can choose to have their mail forwarded and for those instances, mail is collected through the week and forwarded on Mondays to the forwarding address. Those tenants are notified if certified mail or time sensitive mail is received so different arrangements can be made if necessary.


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