What does a virtual office with Texas Business Center consist of?

*Professional Business Address

*Mailing Services

*Denton Local Phone/Fax Number and Voice Mail Services



*Free Wi-Fi/Internet Connection

*Access to Furnished Office With Phone

*Conference/Meeting Room Access

*Business Support Services (typing, data entry, appointment setting, customer service, web site development/hosting, internet marketing, training, bookkeeping, and more)

*Low Monthly Service Packages Starting at $95.00 a Month



 Top 5 Reasons We Are Better Then The Big Boys:

#1 – Add On’s Included – What they consider “add on’s” we already include!

#2 – Packages Don’t Vary With Terms – All of our contracts are on a month-to-month basis!  You get great service without the worry of a long term lease.

#3 – Appointments On The Fly – We usually require scheduled office use so that we can manage time in the offices, but sometimes things come up and you need an office NOW. If you need it, we’ll find a way to get you taken care of without a long wait.

#4 – Personal Service – Sure larger companies provide more locations, but you generally lose something in service capabilities. We are able to customize any current offerings to fit your need/budget because we don’t need your business…..WE VALUE IT.

#5 – Business Development Assistance – While the other companies focus purely on providing you a space to do business from, we act more like a business incubator where we focus on providing you with an environment to grow your business in.